Long Reach Tooling

Long reach tooling innovations have lead to the development of solutions for long reach machining challenges across industries. Extended reach tooling is being crafted to bore into deeper cavities quicker, and with more precision, than traditional tooling. American Machinist is calling the newest Long reach tooling a “breakthrough” for many industries. The key is to utilize high-feed insert geometrics when developing new tooling. That concept reduces high cutting forces that have been associated with sudden tool failure. Less force is needed so tool failure is less likely. That means less down time for many types of manufacturing processes and machinery. Reduced cutting force also improves vibration control.

Here is some of the long reach tooling that Precision Components offers;

Cutter Head Extensions

ERX Extensions

Long Reach Cutters

In order to take advantage of the new technologies and innovations in tooling, be sure you are working with an experienced long reach tooling manufacturer and supplier. They will be able to customize any special tooling you need, and utilize the latest breakthroughs in designs and materials. Having faster and more precise tooling will help your company stay competitive.

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