Understanding the Function of Lathe Tooling

Most people own something that was created with the use of a lathe. Lathes are devices that are used to rotate and turn metal or wood as it is shaped into whatever form necessary. In order for the process to work, various types of tools are needed to aid in the process. by understanding how lathe tooling works, it is possible to appreciate how this approach makes everything from baseball bats to ornate picture frames possible.


End mill holders are helpful with many types of lathe toolng projects. They aid in holding the material in place and ensuring that any cuts or shavings are accurate. a good example is the cat-50 tooling device that mounts in a holder. With the right fit, the device helps to ensure that the material being shaped is stable and will not shift during the process. The job may also call for the use of dual contact tool holders that help to add more support to the tool flange.

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Rotation Control

One of the essentials in the tooling process is being able to control the speed of the rotation. This is where paying close attention to the rigid tapping cycle makes a difference. If the rotation is too rapid, it is easier to make mistakes and waste raw materials. When the rotation is too slow, there is a loss of efficiency and it takes longer to finish each product produced.

Computers and Control

While there are still plenty of manual lathes in use today, mass production does call for using the latest in computer technology to control the process. This has led to the development of computer numerical control equipment that aids in the manufacturing strategy. The various forms of cnc tooling involve using software to program instructions that control the process from beginning to end. The result is a precise shaping or cut that provides first quality results for each unit produced. With the right type of programming, it is possible to save a great deal of time and eliminate much of the waste that occurs during production.

The right type of tooling equipment will make a difference in the production of many types of goods. By working with a supplier who only carries the best, it is possible to ensure the tools provide excellent results and will last for a long time before replacements are needed.

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